Manufacturers of the IRDOT - the Infra Red Detection Of Trains device for model railways.



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Apologies for recent downtime, we have moved to a more reliable host, the majority of the website is now back and the rest will follow as soon as possible together with new pages about exciting new products.


Welcome to Heathcote Electronics web site. We manufacture and sell an innovative range of electronic controls for model railways.  The infra red range of circuit boards detect out of sight trains and automatically control signals and points. All vehicles are detected and no modification to track or rolling stock is necessary. Infra red detection functions in light or dark.


You can automate part or all of your model railway by using our Shuttles, Station Stops, Passing Loop and Storage Siding controllers. These units can provide adjustable acceleration and braking and operate starter signals and points. Most units can be combined to give complex operations.


Our signal system operates 2, 3 and 4 aspect signals with very straightforward wiring allowing complex junctions to be signalled realistically. We also stock colour light signals in both OO and N gauge.


Servos have multiple uses on model railways and we manufacture boards which can easily control and preset movements. See our servo page for videos of servos controlling a crane, a semaphore signal, a level crossing, a point and engine shed gates.


Popular lighting effects available are the Arc Welder, the Flickering Fire, the Lighthouse and the LED Flasher. The LED Flasher provides red aircraft warning lights as fitted to high structures as well as blue emergency lights.


To help with your wiring we have CDUs, Relays, Timers and a range of useful electrical components. You can show the setting of your points using LEDs on a control panel with our Point Indicator boards.


Our website aims to have a seperate page of information about each product and how to use it. There are also some pages of relevant background information. All pages are reached from the Index page.


Online ordering is now available. Go to the Prices and Ordering page and press the 'click to buy' bar. This will take you to the shopping cart for the product you have selected.

Heathcote Electronics

1 Haydock Close


Staffordshire ST10 1UE UK

phone: 01538 756800