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Some types of solenoid point motors require a large current to switch them. A typical transformer can only supply enough current to switch one or perhaps two point motors at the same time
The purpose of capacitor discharge units is to store up this lower current in a capacitor. The charge stored in the capacitor is then released, on demand, as a burst of a much larger current.
Our high power CDU allows 6 or more point motors to be operated simultaneously.
The  CDU will also protect  point motors from being burnt out by a fault in the switching circuit. After the CDU has discharged it will not allow recharging until the switching circuit reopens.
Both the standard power and high power CDU may be operated from any AC voltage up to 24volts.
Using a high voltage increases the power from a CDU.
Operating from 24 volts instead of 12 volts gives 4 times the power. (24 volts can be obtained by connecting the two 12 volt transformer windings in series).
SIZE  Length x Width
2.8  x 1.35 inches  71 x 34 millimetres
The above diagram shows three Point Motors powered by a CDU, each Point Motor using a different switch. Click on Information for more about Solenoid Point Motors.