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LED Flasher


Connections of LEDs to flashing LED board

The Flashing LED Board flashes 8 LEDs. LEDs 1 and 2 have a shorter lit than non lit time making them representative of aircraft warning lights on tall buildings. LED3 and LED4 work alternately so whilst one is lit the other is not lit. The other 4 LEDs all flash at a slightly different rate to each other. One use for these four is road work warning lights.

The board is supplied with 2 blue and 6 red 3mm diameter LEDs.


The board is powered from a supply of between 12 and 16 volts either AC or DC. This connects to the two screw terminals as shown in the diagram. For DC the positive is connected to the "+" and the negative to the"-" terminals.


The board is supplied with eight LEDs. The long leg of each LED is fitted to one of the screw terminals. The short leg of each LED goes to terminal "-" of the terminal block connected to the power supply. This is shown by the blue connections.


Length: 77mm, 3.1 inches

Width: 48mm, 1.9 inches

Height: 23mm, 0.9 inches