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Arc Flasher

The Arc Flasher board mimics the effect of electrical arcing seen when Electric Trains pass. Arcing particularly occurs at junctions

Our Arc Flasher uses 3 blue LEDs to give the flashing effect. When triggered by a train these give a series of flashes which vary each time a train passes.

If you run a mixture of steam, diesel and electric it is best to trigger the Arc Flasher with a reed switch. The advantage to this is that the magnets which activate the reed are only fitted to the Electric Trains so that steam and diesel trains will not trigger the flashes.

The 3 LEDs are wired to positions between the tracks. All connections are to screw terminals on the Arcing Board which can be located out of sight. Power for the Arcing board may be 12 to 16V AC or DC. A reed switch and magnet are included.


3.2 x 2.5 inches

81 x 63 mm


12 to 16 Volts AC or DC