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DCC Ka Dee electromagnet Decoder


The DCC Kadee Electromagnet Decoder has one channel so can be positioned where it is needed, it needs 2 wires from the track and has an on off output for operating the electromagnet this is completely isolated from the DCC power.

To Progam

First connect the DCC terminals to the track with 2 wires. Press the push button on the DCC Kadee Electromagnet Decoder. After 2 seconds the green LED will flash. Set your DCC Controller to the accessory address you want to program for example 127. (This is identical to operating your points by DCC).

Now use your DCC controller to switch the points. The green LED on the DCC Kadee Electromagnet Decoder will stop flashing and light for 3 seconds. The green LED lights whilst the DCC Kadee Electromagnet Decoder DCC contacts are closed. The “point address” you have just used will be remembered by the DCC Kadee Electromagnet Decoder. The address can be changed any number of times by repeating this process. Switch the points to their other position and the green LED and the contacts will again operate for 3 seconds.

The address and outputs will be remembered when the power is switched off.

Contacts for the electromagnet

The 2 way screw terminal labelled C and D functions exactly as a push button switch. The 2 wires which would have gone to the push button switch are wired into these terminals. If you require both DCC and manual control a push button switch can be wired to terminals C and D.