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Product Instructions to download

Instructions for our products can be downloaded from this page. They are word documents which are opened with microsoft office and other programmes compatible with .doc documents. To download them just click on the instructions you want and they should download to your computer.


Infra red detectors

IRDOT-1    IRDOT-1D    IRDOT-2    IRDOT-2D    IRDOT-3    IRDOT-3D.


Automatic Trains

SA1 and SA1-S    SA2 and SA2-S    SA3    SA4 and SA4-S    SA5 and SA5-S    SA6    SA6-B    SA7-SB 

SA8 and SA8S   SA8-SB         SA9 and SA9-S     SA10     Simple_Station_Stop   

Simple Shuttle


obselete Automatic Trains (pre 2018)

SA9 and SA9-S (4detectors)     SA9 and SA9-S (5detectors)



MAS-Sequencer    MAS-Sequencer RI    IRDASC-4    IRDASC 4RI     IRDASC5     IRDASC 5RI

Bouncing Semaphore Controller    Semaphore Sequencer    Train Direction Detector

Servo controllers

Single Servo Motor Controller    Dual Servo Motor Controller    Servo Motor Controller extended push buttons


Point Indicator standard    Point indicator SO    Point indicator Relay    IRDOT-P


Level Crossings

Single Track Crossing Kit     Double TracK_Crossing_Kit

UK Crossing Controller 2L/4L     UK Crossing Controller 2L/4LServo     Grade Crossing Controller 2L/4L

Grade Crossing Controller 2L/4LServo     Gated Crossing Controller



Uncoupler Kit    Dual Timer     IRDOT-P     Diamond crossing protector     Relay Board     Latching Relay Board


DCC Accessory Decoder   

Lighting effects

Arc Welder    Fire Effect     Arc Flasher     Lighthouse Effect