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feather route indicator at junction

The signal controlling diverging junctions often has a route indicator or feather. This indicates to the engine driver when the points are set to leave the mainline. If the signal is at red the feather does not light. The IRDASC-5RI provides for operation in this way in addition to having all the functions of the IRDASC-5. Contacts are provided for operating the feather. The contacts accessed from terminals Y and Z closed when a connection (from a contact operated by the point) is applied to terminal OI provided the signal is not at red. 2, 3 and 4 aspect versions are available. Versions are available which only allow yellow and red or double yellow, yellow and red to be indicated when the points are set for the branch line. This is to tell the engine driver to reduce speed for the curve of the junction.


terminal connections for signalling at a junction with a feather

The signal returns to red when the train reaches the infra red detector on the IRDASC-5RI board. If the signal is located a short distance before the junction then the detector can be positioned just before the point. If the signal is very close to the point then this is not very practicable in this case we can supply the IRDASC-5RI with 2 sets of extended leads so that a set can be located on each line. The board with two sets of extended leads is the IRDASC-5RI-2EW


Otherwise the IRDASC-5 RI has the same terminals and operation as the IRDASC-5.


Dimensions of IRDASC-5RI:

Length 135 mm 5.3 inches

Width 32 mm 1.25 inches