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Simple Station Stop


wiring for Station stop with starter signal for analogue and DCC

The Simple Station Stop is designed to halt a train at a station or any other desired place, where it will wait for an adjustable time and then restart. It could be used inside a tunnel to give the impression the train is travelling a much longer distance. There are also terminals on the Simple Station Stop to work an optional two aspect common negative LED signal. This will change to green just before the train departs and then return to red after the train has left.

The Simple Station Stop switches the track power off and on to stop and start the train. This is realistic for trains running at slow speeds. At high speeds this results in sudden stops and starts. If gradual deceleration and acceleration are required please refer to our SA8 and SA8-S which provide this.

The Simple Station Stop has built in infrared detection. It is positioned under the baseboard at the place where you want the train to stop. The infra red emitter and detector fit into a hole between the sleepers. Two wires are required to connect power to the circuit board and a further two wires connect the circuit board to the track. It will work with both DC and DCC although if it is a DCC engine with sound you will lose the sound whilst the power is switched off. There is a video of the Simple Station Stop in action on the Santas workshop page.

Positioning the Simple Station Stop

As soon as the infrared detects the train the Simple Station Stop will switch off the power to the track. The unit will therefore need to be positioned where the leading end of the train is to stop. The leading end of the train may move a little past the detector due to inertia or effects of flywheels. The train restarts after the timing interval even though it is still being detected. To prevent the end of the departing train reactivating the Simple Station Stop there is a dead time of about 6 seconds before the Simple Station Stop will operate again.The signal remains at green during this time. If the Simple Station Stop detects the train during this time then the 6 second timer restarts. Effectively this results in the signal staying at green for 6 seconds after the end of the train has passed the Simple Station Stops detector regardless of the length of the train.


The installation of the Simple Station Stop under the baseboard is the same as the installation of an IRDOT. As the name implies connections to the circuit board are simple. Two wires connect the power source to the circuit board; one of the track feed wires connects to the Simple Statiom Stop and a 2nd wire from it connects to the track. For locations where it is difficult to fit the standard version the Simple Station Stop EW is available which has the emitter and detector placed at the ends of 18inch long wires.


The length of time the train waits at the station is adjusted with the potentiometer mounted on the board.

Timing of the stop time is adjusted by rotating the pot on the Simple Station Stop with a small screwdriver. The timing can be adjusted between 12 and 120 seconds. An indication of the speed setting of the timer is given by the LED screwed to the terminals, whilst timing this LED flashes at a rate proportional to the length of the stop.

Signal connections

Two aspect Common negative signals are easily connected by wiring the green wire to terminal B the red wire to terminal A and the blue common wire to terminal C.

A 2 aspect starter signal can be operated by the Simple Station Stop. The signal will show red for stop, change to green for depart and remains at green 6 seconds after the last part of the train has cleared the Simple Station Stop unit. A 2 aspect common negative LED signal is suitable. CR signals signals and most UK manufactured signals will be compatible.

Power Supply

The Simple Station Stop can be powered from 12 to 16 volts either AC or DC.


Supply Voltage 12 to 16 volts, AC or DC

Dimensions Length x Width 4.9 x 1.2 Inches, 125 x 30 mm Millimetres

Height of infrared components 0.9 Inches, 22 Millimetres (An EW extended wire version with 18inch wires to the infra red emitter and detector is also available)